Flooring Northampton

One of the most common questions we get asked is:

What kind of flooring would you recommend?

Usually our answer is:

Whatever kind of flooring you would like!

Everybody has different ideas on how to decorate their home, whether someone is after bright colours, dark colours or neutral colours, the same applies to flooring. People choose different flooring in their home, they may want a carpet in the Lounge, laminate in the hallway and then cushioned vinyl in the kitchen. At ACR Carpets we take time to get to know our customers and try to help them make the perfect decision on flooring.

At ACR Carpets we specialise in fitting all types of domestic flooring, carpet, laminate and cushioned vinyl.

With so many different types of carpet to choose from where do you start looking?

You may decide that you would like a man made carpet made from Polypropylene, the advantage of these carpets is that they are very resistant to food stains and to pet stains and can even be cleaned with bleach!

Or you may decide that you would like a 80/20 Wool Twist because they are hardwearing and available either with a Fleck or plain, they also can come in various different weights ranging from 30oz to 60oz.

We will bring you lots of carpet samples so you can decide what type of carpet will be best for you, there are also Berber carpets, Loop carpets, Saxony and many more.